Best Ceiling Speakers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

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Ceiling Speaker

Using ceiling speakers for surround sound is a great way to enjoy sound throughout your house. Built in audio speakers can help save up space in your house rather than having a bunch of giant speakers everywhere.

Although they are a bit difficult to install, they are also very worth the hassle to set up in your house or bedroom. Lifehacker even recommended a great guide on how to install ceiling speakers and in ceiling speaker placement in case you need any help installing them.

Now onto to the best ceiling speakers review guide of 2017!

Best Ceiling Speakers 2017

Finding good ceiling speakers for you (especially if you have no experience with any ceiling speaker brands) is not always easy. That is why I have decided to put together a list of the top rated ceiling speakers of 2017. After researching and spending countless hours testing and listening to all of the best ceiling speakers out there, I have shortlisted the top 10 in ceiling speakers on the market right now.

These were the 10 ceiling speakers that made our top 10 list based off of hours of research, reading other people’s reviews and testing the speakers out for ourselves.

I also plan on updating this list with wireless in ceiling speakers and other great brands so stay tuned!

Best Ceiling Speaker Review Comparison Table:

Device NameSizeFrequency RangePrice
Yamaha NS-ICS6009" x 4 1/4"65 Hz - 28 kHz Check Price
Polk Audio RC80I *Price Friendly!*10.75" x 3.5"35Hz - 20kHz Check Price
Pyle PDIC609.5" x 8.5"65Hz - 22kHz Check Price
JBL SP8CII8" x 4.2"32Hz - 20kHz Check Price
Bose Virtually Invisible 79112.1" x 11.9"50Hz - 20kHz Check Price

SpeakerCraft AIM85.8" x 5.8"33Hz - 20kHz Check Price
ENERGY EAS-6C11" x 11.8"55Hz - 20Khz Check Price
BIC America BICHT8C8" x 3.8" Check Check Price
OSD Audio MK840 *Best Frequency Response!*9" x 7/8”32Hz - 22kHz Check Price
Klipsch In-Ceiling Loudspeakers Check Check Check Price

I will discuss the pro’s and con’s of each speaker individually and installment of each for you to get a better comparison and idea of the functionality and quality.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 YAMAHA NS-ICS600 SPEAKER Bedroom Hacks

Yamaha ceiling speakers bring you a unique design that is worth every penny that you get out of your pocket to purchase it. Though a little bit expensive as compared to the rest, the quality of music it has to offer cannot compare to the rest. It comes as a single solid speaker, which is compatible with your home theater and 4.1 + channel systems. It is the perfect choice you are looking for to add to your home theater entertainment plan.

Installation and Performance

You are going to love the ease at which you can install them in your house. You can install them almost in any part of your house. All you have to do is choose the location, insert the wires in their right place and set up your speaker in a stable position. This speaker will fit your description of an easy to use and install gadget.

You are going to fall in love with their great performance in different settings. Their sound projection is just great when it comes to listening to your favorite movies and songs. Yamaha speakers add to the richness of sound creating superb sound atmosphere that you are going to enjoy. Also, you can also choose to capitalize on the deep sounds that it has to offer. The cone shaped speakers are manufactured using the polypropylene, which provides you with a full frequency and clear output. They are an ideal choice for you to add to living areas such as the living room, a home theater room or bedrooms. They are available in different colors. This gives you a wide variety to choose from.


• The edges are seamless meaning you can dye them to match the color on your ceiling, which makes them less shouting.

• They are highly durable guaranteeing you of a longer lifespan without having to replace them with new ones or repair them, as they are less likely to malfunction.

• The speaker are of high quality thus you are ever guaranteed of quality sounds whenever you want to use them.

• The ease of use and installation also comes as an added advantage for you as you no longer need to call someone from outside to show you how to navigate them.


• Though quite useful they are not ideal for front speaker as they will not be able to produce enough sound because of their smaller size compared to other speakers.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 polk-audio-rc80i bedroom hacks

This Polk pair is an ideal choice for your home entertainment purposes. It features an eight-inch polymer cone filled with minerals. The speaker system will not let you down; it delivers quality sound taking no extra room or floor space in your house. Their energy and clarity will win you over. The sound will be great regardless of whatever you are playing, may it be your favorite music jam or favorite movie.

Performance and Installation

The mineral-filled cone composite allows them to produce perfect sound and be able to bounce them back to those other people listening in every corner of the room. The polymer composite is higher performing as compared to other foam options which make it a suitable choice for you who is looking for quality sound performance. It is easy to adjust and maneuver to get the desired results producing a frequency of approximately 35Hz to 20 kHz. They will project sounds well resulting in a theater-like atmosphere.

When it comes to installation, you are going to love the ease at which you can install them in almost any place in your house. Apart from the living room, bedroom or theater room this speaker can be installed in bathroom areas or saunas without the risk of them getting damaged by the high humid conditions. All you have to do is create enough room to house them insert the wires and set up the speaker, and you are ready to go.


• The speaker are stain free; they can tolerate humid conditions without rusting thus making them suitable for areas such as saunas and bathrooms

• They are strong and durable; they are less likely to malfunction thus gives you a longer lifespan.

• The speakers are seamless meaning you can paint them to your desired color to match your house interior decor.

• The speakers require no professional installation

• You can easily customize it to fit the room’s height and width.

• Are flexible to work with other brands rather than Polk products making sure you are not entirely to using Polk systems all the time in your home


The only drawback you are likely to face is during installation as you need to be precise when cutting out the space to insert the wires and to set up the speaker otherwise it will not fit well.

3. PYLE PDIC60 – Unbeatable Price!

Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 pyle-pdic60 bedroom hacks

First of all, if you are looking for a price friendly speaker, this may be the one for you. After reading reviews on the Pyle audio website, I saw nothing but positive.

This type of ceiling speaker performs effectively. A quick glance at these speakers will make you fall in love with them. They embed a stylish aesthetic look that will add glamor to your room. Though small in size, they will deliver powerful impeccable sounds to suit your every need. The Pyle speakers have 1-inch titanium dome tweeters, which work at 250-WATTs making them even more powerful. The speaker will play any sound you prefer from rock metal to classic for any music album you may be wishing to listen to. This is the perfect solution to having a good speaker that will perform well even when pushed to its maximum capacity.

Installation and Performance

As long as you get a clear, precise cutout, then you are going to enjoy the installation process from the word go. Once you are done creating enough space to hold the speaker then proceed to stuff in the wires and set up the speakers carefully. There is no need for any professional installation. It also comes with clips to snap it into place. That means you will need a screwdriver to do a clean job however you will be done in a few hours depending on your rooms interior layout.

When it comes to performance, it will awe you. So small a gadget yet has every ounce of capability to produce clear sounds with resounding energy. For their size, their performance is just wow and will come in handy in giving you house theater like feeling eliminating any boredom that may be sneaking into your home.


• An inexpensive alternative to fit your tight budget

• High-quality bass response regardless of the pricing

• Very easy to mount and install

• Gives you the best value for every penny

• No damage even when pushed to the maximum

• Highly durable to give you years of quality sound

• Have movable titanium dome tweeters to direct sound to wherever you want.


The only issue of concern is the plastic housing which is prone to cracking, otherwise, given the pricing, it is one of the best deals to go for.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 jbl-sp8cii bedroom hacks

Are you tired of subwoofers that will take up your floor space and blow off later shortening the entertainment in your house? It is time you settled for the JBL SP8CII that will meet all your sound projection needs.

This ceiling mount speaker comes as a good option for anyone with limited space. It will fit well on your ceiling giving quality sound that will go a long way in revolutionizing your entertainment experience in your home. The speakers have a titanium laminate tweeter, which you can move to direct sound where you want. Not to mention the high frequencies are precise and will project sounds without a chance of letting you down.

Installation and Performance

Their performance is just excellent. The sound is rich and not too thin but remains clear in all ranges. An addition of an equalizer will come a long way in providing the kind of balance you need. The 2- way-ceiling loudspeaker delivers sound with a lot of energy in what we can call a space saving package. The rubber surrounding the speakers comes in handy, as they will reduce any sound distortions.

Installation is quite easy, and you will not need to go through the cost of hiring professional installation. It comes with a cut out that you can trace on the ceiling where you want to install your speaker. You then proceed to use a drywall saw to cut the hole, place the wires and the speaker in the whole then tighten the screws it comes with. In addition, you can paint the speaker faceplates to match the colors on your ceilings thus preserve aesthetic beauty in your house.


• The speakers are crisp to produce clear sounds.

• Plenty of bass response

• You can swivel the twitters to achieve maximum staging

• Highly durable and will give you a longer lifespan enjoying quality sounds all the way.

• The speaker will look good on you ceilings once they are mounted

• The installation is just simple

• High-quality performance at the selling price


If proper care is not taken then, the metal grill will fall off at some point, which is quite a dangerous liability. This can embarrass you in case you have visitors in your house or inconvenience you at the least expected time.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 bose-virtually-invisible-791 bedroom hacks

It is time you enjoyed the rich, detailed boss sound anywhere in your house without having to sacrifice your limited floor space. The speakers will keep the signature boss sound flowing in your room throughout; this system produces a well-balanced quality sound over a wide area. Therefore, if you have been missing the best of sounds, it is time you installed one of this in your living areas for music listening or watching your movies.

They look great blending well with your ceiling. There is no chance of compromising the aesthetic beauty in your house. Let me tell you; Bose is one of the greatest brands out there.

Performance and Installation

The speakers feature two angled tweeters and a 7- footer woofer. The woofer ensures clear, crisp sounds with minimal distortions. It will also ensure that the boss stereo everywhere design technology has a richness of its kind when it comes to low-end frequencies. The tweeter will take care of the high frequencies. Their performance is just superb and with no doubt will delight you regardless of whether you are using them to listen to your music or for your home theater set up.

Their installation is just a snap of the finger! So easy to mount just by yourself with as little time as possible. You just have to cut out the right size into your ceiling that will fit the speaker, fix it with the screws, and you are good to start enjoying good sound streaming in your house. In addition, the magnet allows them to snap off and on quickly. They lack to feature a cloth scrim, which is a plus as it is more likely to get soaked or clamped by paint.

Though an expensive option it is worth investing in as the value you will get from your money is incomparable.


• You can paint the finishing grills to match your house interior décor

• Unmatchable high-quality full range performance

• Well balanced stereo performance with no chance of sound drop offs

• East to navigate and mount on your ceiling

• Excellent sounds


• The boss speakers come with quite a hefty price tag which might not be affordable to the average person.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 speakercraft-aim8-aimable-bedroom-hacks

Aimable technology has been in existence for quite a long time, the experience in the industry gives them all that it takes to bring to h you a high-end product .aimamble speaker guarantees you a smooth sail in your entertainment sessions, it holds the capability to offer sweet flowing sounds in your house. No more searching for a quality sound system, it is time you settled with Aimable ceiling speaker and get the theater feel in your home. It can aim for direction with a swivel motion allowing for greater music accuracy enhancing the overall sound quite. Designed to give you impeccable sounds over many years of use the speakers will give you a compelling sound experience

The speaker features, a rotating 1-inch dome shaped silk tweeter, a rotating well-molded polypropylene cone woofer. Another addition worth noting is the impedance of 8 ohms. The speaker uses only 5- 100 watts of your energy that means you don’t have to get escalating energy bill once you install the speakers in your home.

Performance and Installation

The output by this speaker will please you. The high frequencies are crisp and clear accompanied by a bass that is just enough and will not overwhelm you. The speaker will offer good sounds both for music listening and watching your favorite movies when. Moreover, the quality performance will not be compromised when you get to use them with other sound systems. It will also work well as a center for your channel speakers. The sound is just good, and nothing is likely to go wrong with this speakers. The model can be pivoted at a given point in the room to give the listener maximum performance. In case the taste and preference in the room change then you can aim the speaker to another direction by just a push of the hand

The speaker is easy to install on your ceiling using stable clamp stands. Using a saw you can trace the cut out that will fit the speaker on the ceiling. Get a clean cut then fit the wires in the hole and mount the speakers tightening them in place with screws to avoid inconveniencies of them falling off unexpectedly. The speaker features innovation, creativeness and an excellent engineering that cannot be compared to another making them easy to install and mount. You can always paint the finishes.


• It blends easily with the interior decor in your house. You can always paint the finishes to match the colors on your ceilings

• High quality sound and excellent performance

• Highly durable. They are designed for many years of indoor use without having to replace them with new ones.

• Can be swiveled to meet the listener’s tastes and preferences

• High ability to separate sound with a five sound surround

• Come at quite reasonable and competitive prices


• One of the major drawbacks is that you have to very careful so as not to soak the white cloth backing on the speaker

• Sometimes if tightened too much they will cause pressure on your ceiling which may damage it making it unsightly.



Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 energy-eas-6c-bedroom-hacks

It is time to create your own home theater or rock you house party with the floor space saving speakers, EAS-6C. These speakers will give you high performance backed by a rich sound that no other can. Moreover, it can handle up to 100 watts without blowing up. It features sparkling highs, which are ideal for you who is looking to build a home theater of surround sound system around a budget. No more complains about you s[ace being taken up by subwoofers as the speakers remain hidden on your ceiling.

Performance and Installation

The system gives ultimate silk performance. It features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter to control the high-frequency sounds so that they come out as clear as possible. A molded 6.5-inch speaker works perfectly well to generate the high range frequencies and for proper sound dispersion to meet the requirements of different field sizes ranging from small to large field sizes. The speaker is an excellent choice and will serve you diligently from live concerts to having theater quality sound right in your house.

Installation is easy, and there is no need of hiring professional installation. It is something you can do on your own. You just need to get a good cut out space to fit in the speaker on the ceiling. Then fasten it with screws, so it stays in place.


• It projects excellent sounds at all frequencies. The vocals are easy to listen to, and the bass is just okay

• They come at quite an incredible price that will fit your budget,

• Comes with an instruction manual, which is easy to read through and follow. The addition of a template and paint guard is an added advantage.

• The virtue of invisibility is just what you are looking for in a ceiling speaker. The carefully mounted flash design makes the speakers stay discrete and out of the way.

• The speakers can be described as installer friendly and can be customized to suit the user’s preference, which is made possible by the high-frequency contour switches

• Loud enough, volume is thus not a problem in this case


• The price though quite reasonable, however, a little adjusting would come in handy for the average person

• No instruction on how to use the glue stick so it means you have to be extra careful to avoid it sticking on the speakers.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 bic-america-bicht8c-8-inch-acoustech-series-bedroom-hacks

This speaker features one of the Acoustech series in-ceiling speakers, which are high end, and high performing quality speakers. They are everything that you need for your home entertainment. They will not only give you quality sound but will also take you music listening and movie watching to the next level. They are an ideal choice for you who is passionate about listening to music or watching movies with clear sounds. Moreover, they will fit well within your budget without breaking your bank reserves.

Performance and Installation

The performance is just excellent. This is made possible by the high-quality features embedded in this speaker. It has a poly graphite 8 –inch woofer that enables the speakers to deliver loud and low bass output to meet your expectations of a highly rated speaker by consumers. The speakers are magnetically y protected from damage ensuring you can enjoy indoor quality sound for many years. A 1-inch dome tweeter comes in handy when it comes to projecting clear high frequencies with minimum sound distortions. The pivoting tweeter also allows you to aim the sound towards the listening area anywhere in the house. The speaker comes with thermal cutoffs that reset themselves thus protects the system from thermal damage which is more likely to disrupt its performance.

Installation is easy. It comes with mounting tabs, and all you need is cut out a hole in the ceiling where you are going to mount the speaker. This will only take a few hours thus you need not get yourself into an extra cost of hiring professional installation. The white frames and grill also allow you to paint them to your desired color that blends well with your ceiling.


• High quality sound with minimal distortions

• Highly durable giving you many years of listening to quality sound

• Easily blends well into your house décor as you can paint it to match your ceiling

• Easy to navigate and install

• A well thought out manual with easy to read and easy to follow instruction for a beginner

• Movable tweeter to direct the sound to the part of the room where it is most needed


A little adjustment in the price would do. It is relatively expensive. Price is the only major concern, but otherwise, it is an ideal choice for home theater systems.

9. OSD AUDIO MK840 – Best Frequency Response!

Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 osd-audio-mk840-bedroom-hacks

This speaker gives you an ultimate chance to build a home theater setup at a reasonable budget. Goods sounds and high-performance projections are more than you can ask for form this speaker. It is the ultimate choice and more importantly the best investment that you can make to take your home entertainment to a higher notch. The sound will reverberate in your room killing the deathly silence that may be bothering you. Also, it is a flexible system that you can adjust to suit your needs. It is good for music listening and for watching the movies you have stacked up in a corner as they will produce each sound effect.

Performance and Installation

Are you tired of poorly performing subwoofers, which also take up most of your floor space? This speaker is killing it when it comes to offering you high-quality sounds. The speaker’s consist of a polypropylene 8-inch cone woofer that will work in combination with a 1-inch titanium tweeter to produce controlled high frequencies. The contour switches are easy to navigate and will allow you to set the sound to match your sound preferences. It also features a high-frequency response ranging from 32Hz to 22 kHz and a sensitivity level of approximate 92dB the power handling is just superb, and you do not have to worry about it blowing up. It can handle up to 175 watts.

Installing it into your ceiling is pretty simple and cool. You just need a clamp stand, a saw, and screws. The rest is simple since you just need to cut out a hole enough to fit the speaker, mount it and fasten it with the screws and you are good to go


• Easy to install it cutting off extra installation costs

• Quality clear sound projections

• You get value for your money. The investment is worth every dime

• The pivoting and rotating titanium tweeter allow you to swivel it in the direction of the room where the sound need to be more concentrated

• They are fairly priced considering the quality they have to offer

• They are highly durable and will serve you for years before you need to replace it with a new one

• Can also do well for outdoor purpose such as fitting them around your pool area


Sometimes the grills that come with the speaker may fail to fit well regardless of how much you struggle. However, this happens in almost one out of hundred cases.


Best Ceiling Speakers 2016-2017 klipsch-in-ceiling-loudspeakers-bedroom-hacks

These speakers have just the performance that you are looking for. It features a combination of an affordable speaker that will fit into your budget yet remain high performing. Moreover, you can use them for both an indoor and outdoor entertainment experience. These speakers can be installed in almost any location in your home at quite a good price.

Performance and Installation

The speakers will give you an excellent sound despite their small size. The large polymer cone shaped woofer has a high sensitivity. A 1-inch coaxial-mounted polymer dome tweeter will provide you with high-frequency sounds that are clear without any distortions. The frequency response ranges at 57Hz to 20 KHz with an excellent sensitivity of 89 dB. Other than the Klipsch, series the speaker are compatible with other series such as the ME-650-C installation kits. They provide a deep bass to your home entertainment. This kind of speaker makes it an ideal choice if you are, looking to take your music listening and movie watching to another level.

It is easy to install, and you only need to make an easy cutout without any professional help required. The speakers come with a template that will help you to cut out a hole that is clean without destroying your ceiling. The next step will involve attaching the wires, tightening the screws and you are ready to start using your speakers.


• The speakers come to you at a competitive price that will fit your budget.

• They are highly durable giving you longer lifetime of enjoying good sound without having to worry that you will need to replace it with another one

• They are moisture resistant meaning you can install them in humid areas such as bathrooms and saunas without worrying that they will become rusty.

• The grill can also be painted to match the color of your ceiling so that it does not compromise your interior décor.

• The speakers are ideal for distributing sound for large spaces which makes it perfect for outdoor purposes

• The ease of installation is an added plus

• Features a high-tech design with an aesthetic appeal.

• Can be installed in pairs to suit your multiroom audio system

• Their non-visibility feature allows them to go without being nOticed in your room and they will save you on your floor space


•The primary concern would mainly be on pricing; a price cut would help to make it more affordable.

•However, the system appears to be good with almost no drawbacks whatsoever. It is quite a good deal for anyone looking for a less pricey speaker to add to the entertainment system in his or her house.


Overall, I hope this article has helped you find the right in-ceiling speaker for your bedroom, home studio and/or living space. Remember to share this article if you found it helpful!

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